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The Alice Wood Wynd Society

Alice Wood Wynd helped shape WXXI as we know it today. As a founding trustee, secretary of the board and chair of the Program Policy Committee, Mrs. Wynd worked for over a quarter of a century to build and secure the future of public broadcasting in our community.

Mrs. Wynd passionately believed in the value that public broadcasting brings to our community. A journalist by training, she made a provision in her will that would support the station's efforts to stimulate interest in political and public affairs. Her legacy is still influencing WXXI today.

How can I become a member of the Wynd Society?

If you have included WXXI in your estate, retirement or life insurance plans, or have made WXXI a beneficiary of an irrevocable life income gift you may become a member of the Wynd Society.

Why is it important to let WXXI know if I have made long-range plans?

Gifts like Mrs. Wynd's have helped to make WXXI a leader in public broadcasting. They have made WXXI an educational and cultural force in our community. The important thing is to let us know what your plans are, so that we have an opportunity to thank you now for caring about the future of WXXI.

WXXI will keep all information you share with us confidential and we will maintain your anonymity if you wish.

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